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Dough Balls

5 BALLS OF DOUGH = make pizza or sourdough bread... endless possiblities!

Makes 5 large pizzas or 8-10 medium pizzas, or 5 loafs “never-fail” sourdough bread.

Put in fridge over night in an oiled bowl to defrost.

Then leave it on your counter 3 to 4 hours before you plan on using. If you plan on making PIZZA spread out on the oiled pan Let rest and continue spreading after 30 minutes. Then put your toppings on!

CINNAMON BUNS roll out make your cinnamon buns and cut into pieces and let rise again till they double in size then bake.

BREAD take out a fridge let sit for an hour to two hours on the counter form into the shape of bread you would like let rise again till the doubles in size and bake!

Usually 370. For 35 min

But ask google!

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